Dawn Tower Defense

A Strategy Game from CrossWorlds Studios

PvP Tower Defense

Dawn Tower Defense is a match-based tower defense game.

Players create a team of attackers and defenders to compete in weekly "idle-style" tournaments where an AI plays on behalf of the player.

At the end of the week the tournament standings are locked in, written to the blockchain, and rewards are distributed to the players. Everyone earns progress each week but players who place higher see greater rewards.

How To Play

1) Create you Lynx account if you do not have one already

2) Download the app for iOS or Android

3) Go into your Lynx account, export your private key, and paste the private key in the game to log in

This is only temporary! Private key login is a temporary measure for early adopters who want to play the game before our new account creation process is available. Your private key is stored securely on your phone and is not shared with anyone. **

4) Once you log in, press the "My Team" button

5) Select 3 attackers and 3 defenders for your team

6) Press "Save Team" to save your team to the blockchain

7) Finally select "Queue Team" to enter into our weekly tournament!

8) Go back to the main menu to play your first game. "Practice" let's you try out different team combinations against a computer opponent while "Ranked" find another player for you to battle.

Ranked battles are recorded on chain! You can see your standings below

Tournament Standings

Log in to queue your team!

There is no active tournament running, check back soon!



A technology-focused faction that focuses on advanced weaponry and shields to dominate the battle field.

Technists unit concept art


Wild and chaotic, Elementals harness the power of the elements to wreak havoc against their opponents.

Elementals unit concept art


Dark and unknown, creatures from the Void are twisted by cosmic forces to do the bidding of an unknown master.

Void unit concept art


Coming soon

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